A comprehensive set of devices, algorithms, analytics and applications for monitoring and managing critical industrial assets.

FLICQ Solution

Companies use Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology to monitor machinery and other assets. In a traditional IIoT architecture, simple sensors transfer the data to the cloud where further processing is done. FLICQ's architecture, on the other hand, moves algorithms and analytics close to where the data is collected - to the "edge" of the IIoT network.

FLICQ's smart sensors enable instantaneous and autonomous processing of data. Smart sensors at the edge reduce total cost of ownership by obviating the need for sending spurious data to the cloud. FLICQ's smart sensors make ubiquitous sensing possible and are ideal for remote monitoring and predictive maintenance applications.

FLICQ System Architecture


Key Features

Power Management

FLICQ's sensor modules can run for up to five years on a single charge.

Edge Intelligence

Algorithms and analytics run natively on our sensor modules.

Comprehensive Analytics

Predict equipment failures and other events before they occur.

End-to-end security

Enterprise-grade security from the sensors to the cloud.