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Blog-post 5

Edge computing in construction

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the power to transform industries — and the construction sector, while not at the leading edge of adoption, is not far behind.

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Blog-post 4

This Time it's Different

The Australian Financial Review (AFR) had an article this week, stating that the mining boom is back as mining companies report record profits.

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Blog-post 3

Replicating the ear of a trained operator

We have all heard the line ‘it’s quiet, too quiet’ in a movie just before some disaster is about to befall the characters.

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Blog-post 2

FLICQ at Ministry of Data Hackathon

Karthik, Michael and I thoroughly enjoyed spending the weekend of the 25th of September at Perth's Ministry of Data Hackathon.

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Blog-post 1

Detecting Tyre Explosion Risk in Mining

During my time with Otraco, I became acutely aware of the risk associated with tyre pyrolysis explosions.

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